Qimen Expansion Pack

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Ever wonder if there was more to Qimens?

What is a Qimen expansion pack?

 This sampler will be designed to expand on your idea of Qimen. It will show you smooth qimens, floral qimens, and qimens with complex flavors. The point of this sampler is to deepen you understanding of Qimens. With so many Qimens on the market you'd be surprised on how little wide spectrum flavor of Qimen is represented in the western market. This Sampler open the door to a whole new world on Qimen and show you just what is possible in Qimens. You can think of this like a mystery box dedicated only to Qimen.

Who should get this sampler?
This box will be great for anyone. Qimens are teas that we are all somewhat familiar with so everyone will be able to taste the difference in these Qimens.