About Me

My name is Dylan and I'm obessed with flavor. 

I moved to China in 2017 to develop the foundation for my own tea shop. 
I am here not only to find truly high quality and unique teas, but also to deepen my knowledge so I am able to really understand each tea and provide value to the tea community. 

To me flavor is a story. From the moment the seed, or cutting, of a tea is planted the story begins. Things like terroir, use of fertilizers and field maintenance all contribute to this story. When the tea is picked the making contributes strongly to its story. For me, the goal of my moving to China is to be able to taste a tea and understand its story. To recognize a flavor and understand how that flavor came to be. Like a math problem where you see the answer and then work backwards. 

I have learned already in China that there is no highest quality, there is no pinnacle. There are levels of quality, bad, decent, good, great, but even in the highest level personal taste plays a factor. I will never claim the teas I sell are the highest quality, I will guarantee that they are worth trying. The tea you buy here may not be your favorite, but the tea you buy here will show you a flavor you have probably not seen before and deepen you understanding about tea.
That is my guarantee