About Me

"Some call him the Qimen Jesus, some others "the maofeng guy", but he prefers Dylan. Yup, simple ol' Dylan from Brooklyn. Just hopping his way into different Chinese tea regions unraveling the so-called mysteries of tea that you can find...through tea shops?"

 When I first moved to China I was running all over the place finding teas. I found this to be a waste of time and not very fruitful. Now I only study the teas that are produced in the area that I live.  I studied Mao Feng in Huang Shan, Yan Cha in Wuyi Shan and now Bi Luo Chun in Suzhou. This focused approach to finding teas not only allows me to find the best teas of each category, but to gain a deep understanding of the tea as I do. This knowledge is then passed directly to you. Via Youtube, Instagram, discord and a previous blog

The final vision of The Sweetest Dew isn't finished. The other reason for coming to China was to build my own personal relationship with tea and vision for sharing it; my Cha Dao if you will. The Sweetest Dew is always changing and will sometimes encompass more than just tea. The Sweetest Dew is not just a way to sell tea, it's a record of my journey in tea, in China and in Life.