Locations of Huang Shan

When I talk about Huang Shan I often mention different places afew times. Lets take some time and see where everything is and get a better understanding of Huang Shan. You can also learn about the core tea producing regions or the Mao Feng Making

Huang Shan -Tunxi
Huang Shan City is where I lived, Tunxi, this is where the hide speed train lets off and its the most developed area. Huang Shan Mountain is the peak of Huang Shan and where the core region for Huang Shan Mao Feng is. 

She Xian
She Xian is a large part of Huang Shan. In She Xian fields ranging from  low level field located right next to the high speed rail all the way up to high mountain, isolated, hard to get to fields like Da Gu Yun. Lots of Mao Feng comes from She Xian just cause its so big. 

Qimen is also part of Huang Shan. Before they started making black tea (red tea), Qimen farmers would make green tea. Many Qimen farmers still make Huang Shan Mao Feng and there is an aspect to Qimen Huang Shan Mao Feng that makes it easy to reconize if you understand the Huang Shan flavor. (I dont particularly like QMF which is why I've never sold it. 


Tai Ping
Tai Ping is also part of Huang Shan. Unlike Qimen though, the domestic popularity of Tai Ping Hou Kui discourages farmers from making any other tea. Ive yet to have a Mao Feng from this area, but occasionally a red tea will pop up. 

YiXian - XiuNing
Yi Xiang and Xiu Ning are two other parts of Huang Shan. While not major tea producers I have stumbled across small plots in my time there. At the end of my time in Huang Shan I lived in a village just over the board in XiuNing.