Cha Shan Huang Shan Mao Feng

Huang Shan Mao Feng was created around 1875. Before that green tea farmers in Huang Shan were creating teas such as Yun Wu and Huo Qing. 

Mao Feng refers to a tea that has undergone no shape making step. What ever shape the tea is in is a natural product of the making. While some Mao Fengs can be rolled this is flavor driven and is not a nessecity in Mao Feng making. Infact only later picks with bigger leaves can be rolled. If the early picks are rolled they will break. 

The flavor of Mao Feng is similar to Yun Wu: deep, rich, and savory. While it does not display strong flavor notes like other famous green teas such as Long Jing, the beauty of Mao Feng is in its body. The body of Mao Feng is similar to fresh tofu, oil, or pork fat. It is rich yet refreshing, clear yet dense, its incredibly juicy while staying light and bright. This characteristic of Mao Feng is not easy to find and is only present in the best Mao Fengs. It is also not always easy to notice and may take a few focused sessions to understand the Mao Feng body. But once you get it I promise it will change the way you look at Mao Feng and maybe even green teas for ever. 

Cha Shan is a specific region in the highest areas of Huang Shan. It is isolated from almost everything and has a beautiful terroir. 

The tea has an oily thick texture very similar to pork fat thus earning it the unofficial discord name, lip lard. 

The early picks are light and bright with lots of complexity. As the picks go on they become more bold and singular in flavor also adding some bitterness to the profile.