Tea Blog: Microdosing Da Fang

Tea Blog: Da Fang

The remarkable woman who is behind the 100% handmade She Xian recently posted that she had some 100% handmade Da Fang. How could I turn it down?
Jump ahead by a week or so and Im tasting it double gong dao bei style. To be honest, I wasn’t too impressed. While the aroma held promise. Showing me a thick vegetal note with the classic toasted chestnut, but it didn't come through in the flavor. I didn't take too many sips before I moved on to the next tea. I decided to take the tea to work where it has been sitting on my desk and has become a daily cup.

While there is nothing particularly special about this tea, there isn't anything too bad. It has that spring freshness and taste a pretty smooth taste profile. Grandpa styling it there is once again nothing too special about it, but it’s nice to sip away at.


In a recent live I came up with the analogy of weed and tea. In the green tea regions people microdose. Compared to Wuyi shan where it is normal to sit down and have a tea fight or a tea battle, in green tea regions the tea is sipped steadily throughout the day which is not much thought. The result is a calm and consistent flow of tea qi. (for lack of a better word). This to me is the green tea lifestyle. Small sips throughout the day. And this Da Fang though nothing too special in taste profile, is a perfect tea for quiet, thoughtless sipping.