2/22: "Ma Tou" Rou Gui

Spoiler: It wasnt actually Ma Tou. It was a sample sent by the woman who did the Purple Da Hong Pao. She has done some wonderful teas across different price points and she knows that I like roastier teas so I was looking forward to this one. While this tea had some nice points, there were also some places it fell short.

Good points: This tea had a lot of spice and a really nice Aroma. It was floral with a cinnamon-ness to it. To put it simply, it was Rou Gui. Nothing flashy or special, just a real good Rou Gui.

Lacking areas: The problem with this tea was that it was nothing really special. I always look for teas that stand out in some way and this tea was pretty basic. It was good and I think many people would enjoy it, but it is very similar to any decent Rou Gui you find in a western shop. It also lacked a good body to balance out the spice and wasn't particularly clean.

Rating: 6.5/10