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The Sweetest Dew

High Roast Water Curtain Cave Rou Gui

High Roast Water Curtain Cave Rou Gui

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My search for high roasted teas led me to commission a batch myself. 

The maker is my oldest Wuyi Shan connect, Mr. Wu. He specializes in Rou Gui and has made quiet a name for himself. Two years ago I had an amazing Water Curtain Cave from him, but in the following two years the roast hasn't been the same. This led me to place the minimum order for a commissioned high roast batch. It took him two extra roasting to reach this level, but it really is something special.

Its hard to give an accurate description of this tea because its less than one month off the pits as of 12/12 so the flavor is still settling and changing. 

The roast is high, showing notes of dark cherry, but its smooth. There isn't the roughness you usually get with a high roast. Its a high roast with characteristics of a low roast. Caramel sweetness and coffee notes appear as the tea cools. I expect these characteristics to be more clear as the tea rests. 
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