Fuding Mix Up.


I ride a bus deep into the mountains, get off, and just hope I am in the right spot.
Sometimes I'm not. I got off the bus is a small area of Fu Ding and began to feel like I wasn't in the right place, again.

So in the end, I was in the right town and I found my friend. But I want to focus on the last frame of the video. If you look at the end of the videa I am sweeping from left to right. On one side is crazy forrests, on the other is rows of tea. This is the changing landscape of Fuding. Slowly wild trees are being cut down for tea plants. Wild mountains are being replaces for tea covered slopes. I cant say if this is right or wrong but it is interesting to watch it happen. A few years down the road I will move to the Fuding area, hopefully it wont all be gone by then.

The trip wasn't a complete waste though. On my way out of Fuding I passed through fuan and stopped in a tea shop. I sat at his table for a while trying new teas and not really being impressed. Then the owner tells me about a 2013 gong mei he has. I usually dont like aged teas but I am always trying to keep an open mind.

I am so glad I did. This gong mei was not like others I had before. Its flavor was light a warm autumn day. Soft and simple, but with a little warmth. With a soft to medium body it produced a flavor that was bold, but calm at the same time. It had all the flavors that one usually finds in a aged tea cake, but with out any of the usual flaws and bitterness. When he told me the price I snapped it up right away.
It's available for phurchase.