Tao Bao Qimen Gong Fu - January 2023

My goal of a great Qimen Gong Fu led me to buy one off Tao Bao. 
The company is not specifically a Qimen seller but the Qimens Ive had from them before have been good. I wasn't buying this expecting to find the kind I like, rich thick and sweet, but more to understand what most QGF taste like. 

While not particularly special, it also wasn't as rough as most Gong Fus get. It had a the general hardiness that I like from GFs with out bitterness. It wasn't floral, but Qimen Gong Fus really aren't. While it lacked major flaws it also lacked anything that made it special. It showed the standard flavor that I can only really describe as the Qimen flavor (yams and rose maybe), but not much more. 

To be honest drinking this tea just made me really appreciate the daily drinker Qimen which is slightly lower quality, but not by much, and for 1/5 of the price