Something Alittle Special (pre order)

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Charcoal Roasted Tie Guan Yin. 

Charcoal roasted Tie Guan Yin is rare. Right now tea producers in Anxi use electricity and machines on timers to produce their tea. There are almost no makers producing tea with artisinal craft.....almost. 

Out of the village of Long Juan, this tea comes from a family who has recently started playing with artisanal craftsmanship, going away from the overly automated processes. They have left some trees grow wild and have started to experiment with older making styles. I have been keeping up with their teas for a few years never finding anything I was really excited about but always feeling like they were so close, then this year they produced something really good. 

This Tie Guan Yin is roasted lightly over charcoal. The roast flavor its self is not strong, it maybe makes up about 25% of the overall flavors you taste, but it takes what otherwise may be a boring tea and makes it a little special. 

The roast reigns in the aroma and flavor. Anyone who drinks Tie Guan Yin knows that Tie Guan Yin can sometimes be very unbalanced. One flavor or aroma is prodenment, a floral aroma or a vegetal flavor for example, and that one flavor completely over powers anything going creating an unbalanced tea. This roast brings balance to Tie Guan Yin. In reigns in the aroma so the tea is not too perfumey and adds a deeper flavor to balance out the vegetal flavor that is there. (I have found Long Juan teas to have a little more body and flavor than other Tie Guan Yins). The roast gives the tea a foundation and structure that is not often found in the more common overly frangrent Tie Guan Yins. But that's not all the roast does. This roast also adds depth. 

From red teas to white teas, the use of charcoal as compared to electricity results in a depth of flavor. This Tie Guan Yin is no different. Besides balancing out the flavors of the tea, the light roast on this Tie Guan Yin and a depth to the flavors and smooth rich mouth feel. 

This is not a mind blowing tea. It is calm, sturdy and subtle. It keeps you comfortable all while inviting you to take another steep. It is a testament to how a little bit of craftsmanship can greatly improve a tea. 

I will be selling this tea at a much lower mark up than my other teas. I want people to try this tea and I want the makers to know that when they put in the time their efforts will be rewarded and appreciated.