Mao Feng Sample Pack SOLD OUT

Mao Feng Sample Pack SOLD OUT

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8 grams of all three Huang Shan Mao Fengs plus one no longer available on the website, this sample pack will show you a wide range of Mao Fengs for an unbeatable price

The final list of 2021 Mao Feng has not been confirmed. There is a good chance there will be a new Mao Feng in the sampler. Ordering now might get you 5 Mao Feng for an amazing price! 

Sample Pack Includes

She Xian (100% handmade):

The lightest of the three and the most refreshing. The perfect tea for a hot day when you are just looking to be refreshed. Sweet, bright, floral with a touch of touch of sweet peas. This tea is now only available in the sampler pack. 

Cha Shan:

Of all the teas in this sampler, the Cha Chan offers the boldest flavor. While still giving you a soft savory body, notes of rose, lemon, and vanilla pop at you giving this tea a bold complexity not often found in Mao Feng. 

Hou Gu:

Back by popular demand. This Mao Feng has the savoriness of a true Mao Feng but offers the most flavor. Baked via wood fire this tea offers a bold chestnut aroma that is balanced by the soft savory notes that are to be expected of a good mao feng. Confident in its flavors while still staying calm, this tea is a truly special find that has won over tea drinkers all over the world. 


Fu Xi:

This is the most recent addition to the collection and one that will be pleasant for all types of tea drinkers. Fu Xi is one of the most famous locations with in Huang Shan and probably the most talked about among locals. This Fu Xi is the bench mark for what any Mao Feng should be. It has a savory body with soft vegetal notes as well as an added honey comb aroma. The flavor is bold but calm and will last you many steeps. This tea is a great addition to the pack as it provides exactly what a mao feng is suppose to with out any bells and whistles. 

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