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Light Roast Yan Cha Box

Light Roast Yan Cha Box

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This box explores different flavors in light roasted Yan Cha. It will show you that to simple say light roast is not enough. Using this box we will explore the different types of light roast Yan Chas and all the possible flavors by tasting four different cultivars, including one you probably haven't heard of.

Que She: A well know cultivar these is a pretty simple yan cha. The flavor is simple and light. A nice floral aroma and sweetness sets the baseline for a basic light roast Yan Cha.

Shi Ru: This takes light roasts a step up. The body is still light and bright, but now we are getting more flavors. Along with its floral aroma are notes of spice, allspice and star anise, that accent this tea beautifully. It feels like sitting in the sun on an Autumn day.

Bai Ji Guan: A well known lightly roasted tea, this is my personal favorite of the set. The flavors in here are the most complex. The body is like chicken soup and there is almost a light chocolatey-ness to it.

Drunken Begonia: An extremely rare cultivar. More popular along time ago this tea has all but vanished from the market. This tea is very new to me and I am still figuring it out, but there is a sour metalicness that reminds me of Tie Guan Yin.

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