Four Tea Wuyi

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I found myself with four distinct Wuyi Teas. 

Shui Xian
Rou Gui
Qi Lan 
Qi Dan

This simple box is a way to add to your understanding Wuyi Flavors. 

The Shui Xian and Rou Gui are a custom roast. They are higher than most of what you will find on the market but are roasted with craft so they maintain balance and a complex flavor. 

The Qi Lan was brough to the website by popular demand from avid tea drinkers who received it in their mystery boxes. 

The Qi Dan is a tea only available in this box. I came across it on my christmas trip to Wuyi. While Im not usually a light roast drinker I could not ignore the flavor profile and cleanliness of this tea. 

This box is a simple way to try four new great teas.