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The Sweetest Dew

Drunken Begonia

Drunken Begonia

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One day I asked my favorite tea maker if there was a tea of his I hadn't tried. 
He told me about the drunken begonia, a tea that use to be very popular but has recently almost completely faded from the market. I was interested and asked to buy half a pound. "No" he said "buy a pound". It turns out this tea is almost completely sold out in pre orders and he currently has two pounds left by pure luck. He has never up sold me before so I knew that it must take a special tea for him to be this confident. 

I call this tea the Tie Guan Yin of Yan Cha due to its metallic flavors, slight tightening sensations and long-lasting flavors. Characteristics found in cultivar true Tie Guan Yin. These flavors are interwoven into a medium roast tea and complimented by a chocolate syrup sweetness and a savoriness that reminds me of Bai Ji Guan. 

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