Truly Unique True Cliff Shui Xian

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This is a truly unique yan cha shui xian. 

With a higher aroma than most yan chas and medium body/roast, this tea reminds me of Wu Dong Shui Xian (dan cong). Notes of honey comb and a bit of bitterness add to the Dan cong similarity. While being a medium light bodied tea, there is weight to it and it feels heavy in the mouth while being refreshing. There is an orangy tang to it, like a cocktail garnish. 

This tea will be most enjoyed by people who have experience in Yan Cha and Shui Xian. 
For those who want to try, I suggest doing it side by side with another Shui Xian Yan Cha to really note the differences. 

Location: Zheng Yan
Tea Tree Age: 80-90 years.