Tea Profile: Jin Mu Dan

There are always new Yan Cha teas. Huang Guan This or Qi That. Recently though, a variety has been gaining more popularity and with good reason.
Jin Mu Dan. 

I first tried Jin Mu Dan while sitting with Derek of ORT. While I had heard the name before it hadn't come across my plate till that day. I tried his and was blown away. For me it was like eating chocolate ice cream in a room full of flowers. The rich chocolate flavor was smooth and balanced and there was clear floral aromas. It was so wonderful I didn't hesitate when one maker I buy from casually mentioned she had it. Mine wasnt as good as ORT's so I didnt sell it, but alot of the same notes were there. The flavor was smooth and lasting, with good depth and a floral aroma. Since then I have seen the tea pop up in afew places. 

"Jin Mu Dan is a hybrid of two other cultivars. Finding out exactly which has proven to be a bit of a challenge. The referenced text says Huang Guan Yin (黄观音) and Huang Dan (黄旦), though most other online references state that Tie Guan Yin is the female parent. Selected from the development program in 2001, the tea was approved as a Fujian variety in 2003 (as number 2003002)." (https://oldwaystea.com/tea-info/jin-mu-dan) 

Jin Mu Dan is more of your middle level tea. While I wouldnt call it a daily drinker by definition, I have yet to see one reach the level of quality that a well made Rou Gui reaches. 

Reactions from discord seem to suggest other feel the same way. 

"strong stone-fruit aroma, long lasting sweetness. also the most minerality from this bunch. the body is not quite as round and slick as the others (very new to yancha however) based on the pinned chart, it might be a fair bit lighter in roast and oxidation than other yanchas I've tried (rou gui, shui jin gui)"

"OWT 2019 Jin Mu Dan. Never got bitter or angry. Super comfy. The whole area I'm in is under frost advisory until Friday so this hit the spot." 

Comfy is a good way to describe this tea. With its smooth and rich body, its one that will comfort you more than blow you away. 

If I were to assign it a random worthless score it would be a 7/10.  Worth trying and will defiently be enjoyed but probably not going to be your new favorite yan cha. 

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